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If you would like to propose a WAM profile, please contact the editorial team at We will work together with you to complete this Template, which outlines your thesis and the “story” that you want to tell.

To propose a video profile:

If you would like to present your research as a video, there are a few possibilities:

  • In select cases, we could create the video with you: You could come to New Jersey, or, in some cases, the WAM team may be able to come to you. You could recommend some reading for us and we could formulate questions, or (more efficiently) you could supply us with the questions that you’d like to be asked. We would work with you to make sure they tell a strong story. We would ask you to recommend links to audio and pictures that would be relevant. We could then give all the materials to our video editor to put the final piece together.
  • We could follow the same process, but you could have someone else actually conduct the interview and record it on your own video camera. We could then help you put all the materials together into a video.
  • You could supply us with a finished video.

To propose a text profile: 

We welcome submission of web text in addition to, or in lieu of, a video profile. We encourage you to consider using multimedia formats to present your work. Please also consider using timelines and pictures, performance scores or scholarly editions, bibliographies, and links to additional web resources.

We look forward to hearing from you!