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Dr. Candace Bailey explains her approach to excavating the microhistories of women in the 19th-century South of the United States. In place of the traditional narratives of composers and styles, such microhistories teach how music actually happened—and, in particular, how music figured into the lives of women. In this video, Dr. Bailey explains music in the lives of two women who worked in the field of music in the American south, but who were not composers: Hermine Barbot of Mobile, Alabama and Fanny Sands of Charleston, South Carolina. These women broke boundaries and had enormous impact on their musical environments.


WAM Research Team: Nathan Bishop, Glynnis Gourhan, Emily McGovern, Nicholas Wagner

Faculty Advisor: Rebecca Cypess

Video Producer: Elly Toyoda

Music: Franz Joseph Haydn, Die Schöpfung. Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan